When Should You Hire an Electrician to Repair a Ceiling Fan?

Hire an Electrician to Repair a Ceiling Fan

The summer months are often spent trying to find a delicate balance between avoiding the heat and avoiding those high a/c electric bills. That’s why many homeowners looking to stay cool choose to have a few ceiling fans installed. They not only look great, but ceiling fans are also very functional. Besides helping to lower your heating and cooling costs, ceiling fans also provide extra light for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

A ceiling fan creates a relaxing environment no matter what part of the house you’re in. Just imagine enjoying lemonade on the front porch with a nice breeze blowing from your ceiling fan, or kicking back in your favorite lounge chair after work and relaxing to the sound of the blades spinning. There’s no doubt that ceiling fans are a wonderful invention, but like any piece of machinery, they experience mechanical issues and can breakdown.

In some cases, you can perform a few quick fixes yourself to resolve the issue. If you’ve had some previous experience with DIY projects, you may even be able to manage to replace the ceiling fan yourself. However, other times the job should be left to a qualified electrician.

If your ceiling fan is malfunctioning, it may be time to call up a professional to help you get it back working again. Here are some of the reasons you might reach out to an electrician to assist you with your ceiling fan repair job:

The Pull Cord is Broken

A broken pull cord prevents you from changing the settings on your ceiling fan. Until the issue is resolved, the fan will be stuck turning at its current speed. It may be possible to replace or reattach the cord switch depending on the type of fan you own. But before you attempt any repairs, make sure to turn off your circuit breaker to prevent injury.

The Ceiling Fan Isn’t Working

If your ceiling fan won’t turn on at all, the issue could be the result of a tripped circuit breaker, faulty wiring, or a manufacturing defect. If you’re unsure of what the exact cause of the malfunction is, an electrician can help you determine the source of the problem and get your fan back up and running.

Unsteady Ceiling Fan

A wobbly ceiling fan can occur as a result of screws that have come loose, warped blades, or bent brackets. In order to resolve the problem, the ceiling fan should first be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust that has accumulated. Once this is done, check that the mounting device is properly secured and then tighten any loose screws.

Fan Does Not Work in Reverse

When a ceiling fan is put in reverse, it creates an updraft that helps circulate warm air throughout the space. This is especially convenient during the cooler seasons when you want to warm up the room without increasing your heating bill. If your ceiling fan won’t reverse, you can try turning the fan off, and once the blades have completely stopped spinning, flip the switch to reverse to make sure it is not positioned in neutral. If this does not work, it may be that the switch is worn out. An electrician can conduct a further assessment and recommend the best options for your ceiling fan repair.

Loud Ceiling Fan

A little white noise from your ceiling fan is to be expected, and some people may even find it soothing. But if the noise from your fan is louder than normal, there may be a loose screw, wiring connectors rattling or cracked or unbalanced fan blades. If your fan was recently installed, it may just need some time to adjust.

Malfunctioning Speed Settings

Faulty speed settings can cause the airflow to change unexpectedly. An electrician can help you with your ceiling fan repair by accessing the ball bearings and thoroughly cleaning and lubricating them. He or she may also suggest replacing the ceiling fan capacitor. If the motor in your ceiling fan overheats while the fan is on, both the motor and the bearings will need to be replaced.

If your fan only operates at the lowest speed setting, the issue is probably a damaged capacitor. It’s likely that the piece is burnt out and requires replacement. Contrastingly, a ceiling fan that spins too fast may have a pull cord that is broken or needs to be reconnected.

Glitching Ceiling Fan and Light Kit

If your ceiling fan and light kit keep turning on and off, the wire connections may be damaged. You should first check that your circuit breaker is operating normally, but if it appears to be functioning as it should, faulty wiring is likely to blame.

Why Hire an Electrician for my Ceiling Fan Repair?

Installing a ceiling fan or completing ceiling fan repair work on your own can turn out to be more complicated than expected, especially for a novice. If you need a new ceiling fan put up in your home, here are a few reasons you should consider reaching out to the pros:

Electricians are Trained to Complete Ceiling Fan Installations

Electricians are trained on how to complete ceiling fan repair work and properly install wiring. Most importantly, they know how to do it safely. Improper wiring in your ceiling fan can cause an electrical fire, putting the safety of you and your family at risk. So if you’ve never installed a ceiling fan before, consider reaching out to an electrician to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Electricians will Ensure You Choose a Practical Option

Most people choose ceiling fans based on how well they think it will match with the rest of their decor. However, a professional electrician will make sure that you pick a practical option that makes sense for space. Before you run out and spend money on a ceiling fan that won’t work, hire an electrician that can help you find something that both looks good and works in the space.

Electricians Have the Right Tools for the Job

If you don’t already have the right tools at home to put up your ceiling fan, you’ll have to get them before you can start the install. On the other hand, an electrician already has the right tools for the job. So save yourself the time, the energy, and some money and let the professionals manage your installation project.

More Reasons to Hire a Professional Electrician for my Ceiling Fan Repair Job

It may be tempting to turn your ceiling fan installation into a do-it-yourself project, but here are a few other reasons to hire an electrician:

You Don’t Already Have the Proper Wiring in Place

If you’re hoping to take down an old light fixture and put a ceiling fan in its place, the wiring needed to complete the installation is already present. You will still have to install brackets, but having the appropriate wiring makes it possible to complete this job on your own. However, in cases where wiring is not already in place, you will need to contact an electrician to wire and install the fixture for you.

The Wiring is Damaged

If you’re preparing to put up your new ceiling fan and notice that the wiring looks frayed or damaged, you should immediately enlist the services of a certified electrician to help you complete the installation. Trying to install a ceiling fan using damaged wire is dangerous. The faulty wiring could cause an electrical fire. If you notice faulty wiring, be sure to reach out to an electrician to fix the issue before you attempt to install your new ceiling fan.

You are Having Trouble Figuring Out How to Put Up Your Ceiling Fan

If you just can’t seem to figure out how to get your ceiling fan installed the right way, it is probably time to call in a professional. Otherwise, you risk accidentally shorting out the fixture or causing an electrical fire if the ceiling fan is installed incorrectly. The ceiling fan fixture could also come crashing down if it is not properly secured. Why take the risk of injuring yourself or someone else? If your ceiling fan repair has you feeling overwhelmed, contact a professional electrician to help you complete the job.

Help Extend the Life of Your Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is something you’ll want to enjoy for years to come. To make sure that your ceiling fan remains in tip-top shape, it is best to contact a ceiling fan repair expert to assess the performance of your fixture. They’ll let you know whether you’ll need a complete replacement or if a few quick repairs can help resolve the issue. If your ceiling fan starts to malfunction, it may be your first instinct to run out a buy a new one. However, many times it may be possible to save on replacement costs by having some simple budget-friendly repairs made. You’ll be surprised how a little help from the professionals can revive your old ceiling fan and add many more years of enjoyment.

If you have a ceiling fan installation project that you want to make sure is done right the first time, contact the professionals at Fixmatic Electric. Call to schedule your service today!