Your electrical system runs almost everything in your home, so why not give it the proper care and attention it needs to operate as best as possible? Without reliable electrical, you may not be able to run your appliances, charge your phone, or see in the dark. This essential system requires quality care from the experts at Fixmatic.

Our trained and experienced team of professionals can handle a variety of electrical jobs, ranging from a simple outlet installation to a complete rewiring of your home. We guarantee that our work is completed to code every time, so you can trust that the job was done right. Have an emergency electrical problem or are you planning to upgrade a fixture in the near future? See how we can help support your home’s electrical system with our services listed below.

Lighting Installation

The professionals at Fixmatic are ready to install, replace, and upgrade the lighting in your home for a new look and better functionality. We have worked with a variety of indoor lighting solutions, including statement lighting and low voltage track lighting for cabinets and other tight spaces. When you work with Fixmatic, you will benefit from our quality lighting services and proper installation techniques no matter what type of lighting you are wanting to install.

We can also work with you to install outdoor lighting solutions such as high-beam security lighting, landscape lighting, and more. Whether you need to illuminate a shadowy section of your home’s exterior or simply want to highlight your yard’s best outdoor features, we can help transform your outdoor space to match your vision.

Add lighting to your outdoor pool for increased safety and security. Underwater pool lighting should only be installed by a certified professional to prevent improper installation and electric shock. Our experienced technicians double-check that all types of lighting fixtures are securely fastened for your family’s enjoyment. Entertain indoors or outdoors without worry when you use Fixmatic lighting services.

Outlet Repair and Installation

Outlets are often the only places where your electrical system is exposed to the interior of your home. Thus, outlets can open up your electrical to vulnerabilities and risk. Homeowners can protect their electrical systems by regularly maintaining and updating their outlets to the industry’s newest safety standards.

More modern homes use three-pronged outlets. If you are still operating with two-pronged models, not only is your risk of electric shock elevated, but you also may find it difficult to plug in your newer pieces of technology and appliances operating with three-pronged cords. Our team can quickly and efficiently swap your outlets to the newest style in as little as a day.

Sparks, burning smells, and buzzing sounds are indicators that your outlets are going bad. Continued usage can cause electrical fires and injury to yourself and others. Before this occurs, call us right away for outlet repair. Feel safe using your outlets again with service from our professionals.

GFCI Outlets

New builds and rental properties now require GFCI outlets in all rooms with a water source. If water is exposed to an outlet in a bathroom, washroom, garage, or kitchen, this can spell big trouble for your entire electrical system. GFCI outlets interrupt the electrical flow to the outlet when moisture is detected, keeping you and your electrical system safe from harm. Call our team today to upgrade the outlets in your home or rental property to safer GFCI models.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

You may rely on your ceiling fan to keep you comfortable in the summer, but strange noises and inefficient operation may be preventing you from enjoying your fan at all. When something is not quite right with your ceiling fan, call our experts for an accurate diagnosis, effective repair, and efficient replacement when needed. We can re-establish a connection to any lighting, rebalance a wobble, fix the motor, and figure out why it simply won’t turn on. Restore airflow to your spaces with repair and replacement services from Fixmatic.

Wiring Repairs, Replacements, Reroutes

An electrical system is prone to wear and tear, just like any other system in your home. Even if wear and tear are minimal, newer industry standards make older wires obsolete and unsafe for continued operation. Older homes with knob and tube or aluminum wiring may consider a complete rewire sooner rather than later. Although this can be a big undertaking, it may be necessary to keep you and your home safe.

Old wires could be slowing down your home’s electrical current and causing disruptions in operation. This is noticeable through flickering lights, slower appliance speeds, and frequently tripped breakers. Our team will take a look to see if a small section needs repair or if a total rewiring will be necessary to keep your home’s electricity running smoothly. Spotty electricity doesn’t resolve on its own and could be signaling you to a bigger issue with your electrical system. Take care of it right away and enjoy peace of mind with Fixmatic electrical services.

Panel Repair and Replacement

All of your home’s electricity runs through your electrical panel. When this is malfunctioning, your whole house can be affected. Keeping your panel updated will help you maintain proper current to your outlets and lighting. 

Your panel may be outdated if you recently upgraded your appliances, it appears to have had several repairs on individual breakers in the past, some of your home’s outlets don’t work, or if the breakers are constantly overloaded. Older panel styles may not have the capacity for powering your modern appliances and devices. If yours is struggling to keep up, have one of our professionals come inspect your panel and measure its effectiveness. 

If panel replacement is necessary, then our experts can help you find the right fit for your home and perform a professional panel installation so you can enjoy improved functionality with your home’s electricity. A typical panel will need replacement every 20 years. Stay ahead of your next upgrade need with a thorough inspection today.

Surge Protectors

Electrical surges happen in your home more often than you think. Large ones can cause immediate damage to your appliances and devices if plugged into the outlets affected by the surge. However, smaller surges can also propagate damage over time. 

You can help prevent internally and externally sourced surges by installing a surge protector in your electrical panel. This device blocks excess electricity from reaching your outlets and harming your electronics. Protect your home from damaging surges with surge protector installation services from Fixmatic.

Electrical System Safety Inspections

Oftentimes, electrical issues only come to light when disaster strikes. Uncover hidden problems in your home beforehand with an electrical safety inspection from our team of certified professionals. 

If you just moved into an older home and are unsure of its electrical history, or you just want peace of mind about the state of your home, a thorough electrical inspection is essential. Our experts are trained to spot common signs of wear and tear, report damage, and suggest effective minor repairs to help prevent major incidents in the future. Preserve your system’s reliability and feel safe about operating your electrical after our team completes a complete safety examination.

Home Power Generators

Do you have a plan in place for when storms or other adverse events affect your home’s power? Without a home generator, you could be left without power for days. Not only does this affect your daily functioning, but it can threaten your health and safety as well. 

You may not have the ability to cook, keep warm, or run essential medical devices without a reliable source of power. A backup generator can save you from an uncomfortable reality the next time a major storm jeopardizes the electrical system.

Businesses may also consider keeping a backup generator for emergencies. When storms cause interruptions in the power supply, a backup generator can help prevent interruptions to the flow of business. Even a few minutes of downed power can cause massive delays and lost profits for a business. Keep your business running when people need you the most with a trusty backup generator.

Our knowledgeable experts can help you find the right generator for your needs today. We will also help you set it up and show you how to operate it so you are ready to weather the next storm. Regular maintenance and professional inspections can help your generator stay primed and ready to go whenever you need it.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical systems can feel complicated and overwhelming. When something isn’t working right, you can rely on our team of trained experts to come to figure it out. We can provide quick solutions to your mysterious electrical problems, whether it’s a dead outlet or you are burning through lightbulbs faster than you should. 

When it comes to electrical systems, we have seen just about everything and can quickly diagnose the problem at hand. Don’t attempt a DIY job on your electrical system if you are unsure of the cause. Call the experts right away to safely and quickly resolve your electrical woes.