Knob and tube wiring: Maybe it’s not something you’ve heard about. It makes sense if you haven’t. After all, knob and tube wiring is, by and large, a thing of the past here in the Farmington area. It was a pretty common method of wiring homes till about the 1930s. After that, newer and more popular electrical setups took its place.

Still, though, being antiquated doesn’t necessarily make something absolutely extinct, and that is absolutely true for knob and tube wiring. Though this kind of wiring IS somewhat outdated and QUITE unusual, it DOES still exist, and there ARE still homeowners whose electrical setup uses knob and tube wiring.

Those kinds of homeowners might experience troubles as they experience troubles with their knob and tube wiring. After all, since this kind of wiring is antiquated, many electricians no longer work with it. And indeed, when your home is experiencing electrical problems, not being able to find an electrician who can fix your kind of setup can be QUITE a nightmare!

But if you live in or about the Farmington area, you needn’t worry about dealing with that kind of headache since you’ll have access to the rewiring and residential electrical services pros at Fixmatic Electric! We at Fixmatic Electric have the experience and know-how to handle ALL of your knob and tube wiring woes, so with us, you never have to stress about your electrical setup!

Don’t Sweat Any Kind of Electrical Setup

Of all the components that keep your home running, your electrical setup is perhaps the one that could have the hardest time going without. But with all of the use it’ll endure every day, wear and tear are inevitable — and so, too, are the breakdowns that can accompany those problems.

So, problems are inevitable with your electrical setup. That’s just par for the course. And when they happen, you just have to call up your local electrical expert to get things running right again.

And if you have an electrical setup that’s uncommon, you’ll STILL want an expert who has the knowledge and the resources to get your electrical setup working again.

That’s what we here at Fixmatic Electric are for! If your obscure knob and tube wiring system is experiencing troubles, just call up our team of knowledgeable electricians, and we’ll get your knob and tube wiring running like a dream once more!