Electrical Outlet Installation Services

Every minute, many households depend on electricity to handle everything. From watching TV, turning on the lights and running the refrigerator, families everywhere depend on electricity to conduct their daily functions. However, without outlets, one will not be able to make use of electricity in one’s home.

Broken outlets that cannot supply enough electricity to an appliance can be frustrating and dangerous. If a family needs to fix or update outlets inside a home, a local professional electrician can ensure that the job is done properly and that all safety standards are met for proper operation.

What’s new with electrical outlet installation?

Even newer homes can benefit from upgrades to their electrical outlets. If your outlets are the standard two-prong models, you might be interested in upgrading to GFCI, USB, and/or smart outlets throughout your home. Get inspired for your next electrical outlet job by learning more about various types of outlets below.

Switched Outlets

Usually, this sort of outlet has one port that is connected to the other port by a switch. The switch stops or starts the flow of electricity from the outlet, so whatever it is providing power does not need to be on at all times. Instead of having the device unplugged, what you can do is to simply switch the outlet off.

GFCI Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets cut the flow of electricity upon the detection of a short circuit or ground fault. This especially protects against water electrocution, which is the reason they are mandatory for the kitchen and bathroom, or any other place in the home near the water. They look just like the standard outlets but they have two buttons that are used to reset the tripped outlet. If you have an older home and it doesn’t have these outlets within 6 ft. of your water sources, you can have a professional install them so that your family is safe from shock or injury.

AFCI Outlets

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter AFCI outlets only became standard in 1999, so older homes may not have them. The purpose of installing AFCI outlets at the electrical panel is to keep electricity from jumping or arcing, from one wire to another, which is a common cause of home fires. A professional electrician can install AFCI outlets in an older home and would do so either at the breaker box or right at the beginning of each circuit so the whole line is protected.

20A Outlets

Some household appliances use more power than is available from the average electrical outlet. Places like the kitchen or laundry room usually have 20A outlets that provide more power to devices that need a lot more energy to run. You can tell a 20A outlet from a regular one by the small slit that runs perpendicular to the prong opening on the left side.

In case your breakers are frequently tripping or your appliance requires more power than outlets can supply, an electrician can upgrade your outlets to 20A to make your appliances work properly.

USB Outlets

Many modern devices become operational through the use of USB cords but they can’t be used with traditional outlets without using an adapter. Luckily, some outlet models on the market now have integrated USB ports directly on the outlet so the user doesn’t have to worry about constantly lugging around an adapter for their devices. A USB outlet may have two regular ports along with two USB ports, and some models have four USB ports only and no regular ports at all. Your family can choose and mix-and-match between the two styles depending on the areas of the home and their specific needs—and whatever you decide on, an electrician can take care of the electrical outlet installation.

Smart Outlets

If you use a smart outlet, you can use an app or even a voice-controlled speaker to manage the plugged-in device. This can make it easier to turn devices on and off wirelessly and even allows homeowners to set schedules for their daily use.

Lights can turn on and off during specific times in the day even when you are not home. Another reason to do this is to lower your energy bills and increase the outlet’s efficiency. Even though smart outlets are more expensive, they have endless benefits.

If the outlets are out of order or they have burn marks on them they should be inspected by an electrician. Working with electrical power can be hazardous for those new to the different wires and the home’s system, particularly if there are issues. To avoid these risks, contact your local electrician for help with any electrical job required.