My Ceiling Fan Doesn’t Work. Should I Repair It or Replace It?

Perhaps some interior decorator somewhere will vacillate when asked about it, but ceiling fans serve an important function in our homes. Not just for what they provide by way of air circulation, but also for what they can add by way of design.

In fact, among the more useful and practical bits of advice that people pass along when suggesting budget-friendly ways to enhance the interior of a home is that of updating ceiling fans. Sure, renovating a kitchen, finishing a basement, or installing a new bathroom are the best options for increasing your home’s value, but installing a new ceiling fan can also be a cost-effective and attractive modification to the environment.

Ceiling Fan Doesn't Work

Do I Even Need a Ceiling Fan?

There’s an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of ceiling fans. Some people consider them to be a nuisance, especially when it comes to keeping them clean and how much noise they can generate.

However, there are valid reasons why so many builders include them as a common feature in new home construction.

  • Efficiency—ceiling fans move greater amounts of air than most standard fans which reduces how warm a room can feel. Additionally, by redirecting a ceiling fan towards a counterclockwise direction during colder months, the warmer air collecting at the ceiling can be pushed downward. Used for either purpose, fans save on energy costs and are environmentally friendly.
  • Compatibility—assume you wish to cool a room without solely using air conditioning, ceiling fans are tremendous space-savers compared to options that require floor space or countertops.
  • Lighting needs—having an electrician install a multi-function ceiling fan, especially one that casts light in multiple directions, can provide ample and attractive illumination without purchasing multiple lamps for a room.
  • Pest control—don’t forget outdoor spaces! Ceiling fan repair or installation is especially useful over a porch or a deck where flies, mosquitos, gnats, or other bugs tend to gather and disturb your peace.

Ok…I Need My Fan. What if It Isn’t Working?

Do it yourself-ers might be tempted to tackle the job of fixing a ceiling fan on their own. However, before they get started, they should consider both the model and the manufacturer, especially if the fan or the home is older. It may be the case that necessary parts are not available, and in that scenario, attempting to fix a fan on your own can be a waste of time, effort, and money.

Additionally, some troubleshooting will be necessary to determine why a fan isn’t working correctly. This is where things get tricky since you could be looking at myriad reasons for a fan to fail. Such a list includes but is not limited to:

  • broken or missing parts
  • dislodged or stuck chain
  • imbalanced mount
  • disconnected switch
  • tripped breaker
  • wiring issues

There are additional complications that could arise, and most of them are related to the electrical wiring in the room (or the fan) or to the possibility that your home requires electrical repair. Ostensibly, if you’re not comfortable working with your home’s electrical panel, switches, or circuits—or if terminology like “ground wire” and “voltage tester” sound foreign to you— then you may want to find a reliable electrician to either repair your current ceiling fan or install a new one.

The Appeal of Installing a New Ceiling Fan

As mentioned earlier, ceiling fan design and allure has greatly improved, and an upgrade can enhance the space. However, there are other reasons to replace an old unit:

  1. Cost—as is the case with many of the mechanical or electrical gadgets we own, ceiling fan repair can actually be more expensive than ceiling fan installation.
  2. Newer technology—noiseless motors, exceptional blade designs, variated lighting options, and “smart” fans that respond to your voice or interact with your phone are all updated features worth considering.
  3. Warranty—purchasing a new ceiling fan provides peace of mind and eliminates patchwork repairs or quick fixes.

The Benefits of Hiring the Best Electrician

Much like the desirable warranty that comes with taking a new ceiling fan out of the box, hiring a licensed professional for your fan and/or lighting installation provides you with the security that everything will be done right.

Considering the challenges involved with installing a ceiling fan, particularly the complexity that a fan with lights offers (or a “smart” fan), even the proudest handymen find themselves seeking the assurances that come with googling a phrase like, “electrician near me.”

In the event that you do seek the services of a professional, know that the certified electricians at Fixmatic offer repair and replacement installation services for all fans and fixtures and are ready to fulfill your home’s electrical needs.