Considering GFCI Outlets? Check Top 5 Benefits To Getting One Installed

Most people know what an outlet is and remember their parents telling them not to stick forks in them to prevent electrocution. Beyond that, many folks—besides electricians—have no clue how outlets operate let alone what a GFCI outlet is.

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets safeguard your home’s electrical system.

The way that a GFCI outlet works compared to standard outlets is quite simple. They exchange the same amount of power between the conduit to the appliance, and then back to the outlet on a repeating loop.

 In other words, the GFCI records the current flowing within the outlet and keeps a tally of the electrical flow. If your outlet senses any disruption to your electrical flow within the circuit, it will immediately stop the flow of electricity.

 For example, if while you’re using an electric clipper it falls into a sink full of water, the GFCI outlet will detect the interruption and terminate the flow of electrical currents. Normal outlets do not perform this critical task, which can lead to injuries and damage to your equipment.

GFCI Outlets Benefits

Most modern homes come equipped with GFCI outlets. You can spot a GFCI by the reset and test buttons sandwiched between the outlet sockets. They get installed where electrical circuits could encounter water.

If you are considering GFCI outlet installation, below are five benefits of switching over.

GFCI Outlet Replacement Helps Prevent Electrical Fires

Hundreds of thousands of electrical fires happen every year in the United States. GFCI outlets significantly reduce the chances of an electrical fire.

Once household electrical wiring ages, it often causes wear in the insulation. If the wire insulation deteriorates it could leave the wires uncovered or loose, which creates the potential for fires if there is a power surge.

A power surge happens when the electric utility company performs a power grid switch or in the event of lightning. When this happens, it can lead to a fire blazing within your home’s walls. A GFCI outlet prevents an electrical current leakage that accompanies a power surge.

 In that regard, GFCI’s are real lifesavers and could prevent your home from going up in smoke. There are several electrical contractors available in your area that can set them up for you.

They Help Prevent Damages to Your Electrical Equipment

As mentioned, when your wires become compromised it can lead to significant leakage. These leaks can leave your equipment damaged and in need of a GFCI outlet replacement.

Every time you have a leak that interrupts your outlet’s flow, it can damage your equipment.

Therefore, considering GFCI outlet installation becomes paramount to yourself and your electrical components.

They Decrease the Chances of You Getting Shocked

Most people have felt an electrical shock from an outlet. It is not hard to forget the feeling of electricity pulsing through your body. Generally, a shock can happen because of an unregulated current (which happens with non-GFCI outlets), compromised wire, damaged appliance, or water near a plug.

GFCI outlets sense when an interruption has occurred, so you don’t have to worry about getting shocked or creating a fire hazard.

Helps Your Electrical Units Stay Up to Contemporary Codes

GFCI outlets save thousands of lives each year. Accordingly, they are required by the National Electrical Code in all new houses, especially near water sources. Older homes did not abide by these protocols, and people suffered because of it.

You don’t have to upgrade your current home’s outlets, but it could help your family in many ways mitigates the dangers of fires, shocks, and equipment damage.

 It is also helpful to have your outlets upgraded if you plan on selling or renting your property. Most potential tenants will potentially expect them.

Overall, deciding to go ahead with GFCI outlet installation is a relatively inexpensive and proactive way to ensure your family’s safety.

They Can Save You Money

Having out of date outlets can drain your energy bill as they are not efficient anymore. You can easily upgrade with a GFCI outlet replacement and the investment will pay off as it helps prevent fires, which can cost you a lot of money. Also, upgrading can help your systems run smoother if your previous outlets were damaged.

Hiring an Electrician Near Me

Not everyone is comfortable with electrical wiring and navigating through electrical repair, yet, the benefits of switching to a GFCI outlet far outweigh any headaches–and the good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

Thankfully, you can find an electrical contractor near you to get the job done in a timely and affordable manner.