The electrical wiring in your Farmington home isn’t usually something you think about until you attempt to use an appliance without success, and outlets are often to blame for these electrical problems. These complications often present serious hazards, so contacting an electrician is a wise choice.

Call an Electrician if You Have . . .

  • Tripped Circuit Breakers – Outlets won’t work if a circuit breaker trips, so if this problem occurs, reset the breakers on the panel that are shut off. Sometimes the knob on the circuit breaker will get stuck in the middle of “on” and “off.” If none of those situations are relevant, check to make sure that you haven’t overloaded the circuit with too many appliances and devices.
  • Backstabbed Wiring – Wires can become backstabbed into their receptacles, resulting in loose connections, burned out wires, and a dead circuit.
  • Burned Outlets – If an outlet pops and sparks when you insert a plug into it, the wire insulation has probably melted. If this complication occurs, you will notice blackening around the plugs, so stop using this outlet immediately. Burned outlets are serious fire hazards and require an entire outlet replacement from an experienced electrician.
  • Blocked Cord Plugs – Don’t continue to insert a plug into an outlet if it feels squishy or blocked. The outlet may have damaged protective shutters, or it may have a child safety lock. A broken piece could also be blocking the outlet. If you have a blocked outlet, hire an electrician to solve the problem.
  • Switched Plugs – When a home is being built, builders will often install a switch that controls only half of a room’s outlets. This method is done so that homeowners can turn on lamps with the flip of one switch. Homeowners should identify which outlets connect to certain switches, especially the ones they are unsure of.