Blanco Electrician

Fixmatic Electric is a trusted business that has been serving customers in Blanco and the surrounding areas since 2005. We are known for our quality installations and repairs and we are excited to help your electrical system to be as efficient and safe as possible. Here are some of the exemplary electrical services that we offer.

Electrical Panel Services

Your electrical panel, or breaker, is an important part of your electrical system because it is there to regulate the amount of electricity that goes to each circuit in your home. Without it, your home would be at immediate risk of fire, and your appliances would be in danger of being damaged.

It is important to maintain your breaker panel and to watch out for signs that it needs a repair or a replacement. If you notice rust or burn marks around the panel, your panel feels hot to the touch, the electrical wires appear melted, or you are hearing unusual sounds, contact our team right away for a panel assessment.

Panel Upgrades

Many homeowners need a panel upgrade, but may not even know it. The addition of new family members, the purchase of a new large appliance, or a new room added on to the home can all create the need for an electrical panel with more amps. Old breaker panels or fuse boxes should be replaced as well, and our team at Fixmatic Electric can help with all of these needs.

Electrical Repairs

Although it is normal for your system to develop wear and tear over the years and need occasional repairs, it can still be a frustrating problem to tackle. We try to make the process as painless as possible by maintaining constant communication with your homeownership and taking our time to properly troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

We take care of every type of electrical repair imaginable. We specialize in ceiling fan repair, GFCI electrical outlet repair, lighting repairs, outlet repairs, and much more. If your lights are flickering, you are noticing a burning smell in your home, your electrical panel is tripping constantly, or something in your electrical system has stopped working, we will be at your home quickly to address the problem.

Electrical Safety Inspections

At Fixmatic Electrical, the safety of our customers drives our passion for our industry. We want your home to be a haven of safety and comfort in a tumultuous world. One of the ways to achieve this is to ensure the safety of your entire electrical system through frequent electrical safety inspections.

Knob and Tube Wiring

If you have a home that still has knob and tube wiring, you may have a hard time finding an electrical company that knows how to inspect, maintain, and repair this type of system. At Fixmatic Electrical, we are experts at knob and tube systems and we have no problem fixing this unusual setup. We also do wiring replacements for those who wish to update their system.

Electrical Wiring

Whether you are building a new home in the Blanco area, or you want to update the wiring in your home to something more modern, our team members at Fixmatic Electric are experts in home wiring installations, repairs, and upgrades. We know that reliable wiring that is done right can help protect homeowners and their families from electrical fires and malfunctions that can endanger lives and cost a lot of money.

We specialize in knob and tube and aluminum wiring repair and replacement and can fix any problems that you have with these systems. We also love to bring modern convenience to homes by replacing old outlets with GFCI, USB, and smart outlets.

Home Generators

Preparing for emergencies is part of homeownership, and one of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected is to have a home generator to keep essential appliances and equipment running during an emergency. We install, maintain, and repair backup generators so that you can be prepared for any weather or accident that may knock down a power line and cause a power outage.


At Fixmatic Electric, we can take care of all of your lighting installation and repair needs. We work both inside and outside your home to create spaces that are comfortable, beautiful, and well lit. Our team can install and fix landscape lighting, security lighting, indoor lighting, and more. We install low voltage lighting for those who wish to save money on energy and replacement bulbs, and we are experts at pool lighting repair and installation.

Every electrician on our Fixmatic Electric team is an expert in their field and is passionate about helping homes in the Blanco area be safe, well-lit, comfortable, and efficient. Whether you need a small repair or you need to rewire your home, you can trust our excellent service and upfront prices. When you have needed an electrician for your home, contact us and we will take care of you like you are a part of our family.