Fruitland Electrician

Fruitland, NM, is a wonderful place to own property, and Fixmatic Electrical is proud to serve homeowners and businesses in this beautiful area. Although you may not think about the electricity in your home very often, it is as important to the home as the venous system is to the body. We are here to make sure your system is working correctly and safely, and that you are protected from power outages or other emergencies.

Our Electrical Services

We offer expert electrical services for any repair or installation that you may need for your electrical system. We replace old wiring, install electrical systems in new homes, upgrade panels, install outlets, and much more. Here are a few more details about the services we provide in the Fruitland area.

Electrical Panel Services

Your electrical panel is the heart of your system. It regulates the electrical power that flows into each of your devices and protects your home and appliances from overload and power surges. When your electrical panel is not working properly, it should be fixed or replaced right away to prevent more dangerous problems in your home.

Your panel should be upgraded when the electrical usage in the home exceeds what your panel was intended to handle. Panels that are more than 20 years old may not be able to support modern technology and the amount of electricity used in the home. If you find yourself using a lot of extension cords and power strips, your circuit breakers are frequently tripping, or your appliances are mysteriously breaking, this may be a sign that you need a panel with more amperage.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repair needs can come in all shapes and sizes. At Fixmatic Electric, we can solve all of your electrical problems from wobbly ceiling fans to faulty outlets. Electrical problems should never be ignored, so as soon as you notice flickering lights, burnt outlets, or any other sign of electrical malfunction, you should call us right away. Trying to fix or diagnose a problem on your own could be hazardous.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Your family’s safety inside the home should be your priority. If not properly maintained, your electrical system can pose one of the biggest risks for fire and injury in the home. Our safety inspections ensure that your house is as safe as possible for as long as you call it “home.”

Electrical Wiring Replacement and Repair

There are many reasons that homeowners choose to rewire their homes. It is essential that your wiring be trustworthy, so an incorrectly wired system or old wiring can cause significant problems inside the home. Whether your entire home needs rewiring, or a small portion of your wiring needs to be repaired, you can trust our team for quality installations and repairs.

Knob and Tube and Aluminum Wiring

Although knob and tube wiring and aluminum wiring are more of a rarity in the Fruitland area, some older homes still operate well with these systems. Homeowners with knob and tube or aluminum wiring may have difficulty finding an electrician who will work on these systems and do a good job. At Fixmatic Electrical, we are experts in both types of systems and offer a wide range of repair services. We also offer wiring replacement for those wishing to update to modern wiring.

Home Generator Services

Storms in Fruitland, NM, can often come without warning. Even with plenty of time for preparation, you cannot predict power outages. However, with our generator services, you can prepare for power outages and make sure they never affect your crucial appliances or devices in your home.

Many of our Fruitland customers have family members with medical devices that require electricity to operate. It is imperative for these families to own a generator and to make sure it is ready to work properly at a moment’s notice. We install generators and we encourage our customers to schedule regular appointments to have their generators tested and maintained.

Lighting Installation and Repair

The lighting in your home and yard is there both for safety and to make your home more beautiful. Lighting the home affordably and effectively is an art that we take very seriously. We love to design lighting that fills the home evenly with light without leaving dark spots. We install security lighting, landscape lighting, and pool lighting to make your home comfortable inside and out.

At Fixmatic Electrical, we are dedicated to our work and we enjoy improving the lives of our customers by providing the best services in the area. Whether you are looking for a repair or need a home rewiring, we are here to make the process easy. For quality electrical repairs and installations, contact our friendly team at Fixmatic Electrical.